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Our Philosphy

Inspired by Wood Working Masters

MUSHULIN  was founded thanks to the support of a group of passionate Wood Workers.

We started woodworking inspired by the Wood Crafting Masters of the past, who created something

wonderful staring from just good Wood and durable Tools. 

We started Our first Wood Workshop near Shulin, the beautiful green district in New Taipei City. 

Hence the name Mù Shùlín, "Wood of the Forest" (In chinese Characters 木 樹林).

Experience  of the Local Wood Artists, Teachers and DYI Crafters has reached its highest popularity in Taiwan.

Thanks to the collaboration of traditional Influencers We start importing Wood Work Hardware from the best manufactures and let them try and review it.

The initiative was and is still a success as many more Taiwanese woodworkers warmly welcomed Our Business model thanks to the Direct Cooperation with renown personalities.

ERIC T.png

Master Eric Tan 陳秉魁

Today  we aspire to become the dream place in Taiwan where to easily provide the best and  most innovative hardware for woodworking and woodcarving. 

To Do this we are asking both the Traditional Local Influencers and the Digital Community of Bloggers, Vloggers and Video Makers to Join Us.

Being Distributor AND a specialized Influencer Marketing Company means that We equally care about Promoting Both Our Partners' Brands AND the visibility of the Active Wood Working Community.


We are arranging an important partnership in the near future with the Taiwanese Crafting Schools to further empower Our Mission.

A fast growing company, MUSHULIN initiative is build upon solid values:

Remember the Roots of Crafting


Make an Honest and REAL Business




Influencers  of the Wood Working Community warmly welcome quality Tools and Hardware manufacturers who embraces Our Common values.

MUSHULIN is a Company that is really about  its Community.

We are open to every Taiwanese Crafters and Digital Influencers who like what we are doing and wish to share his experience to the Wood Working Community. We invite every Artist, professional woodworker, teacher and his students to cooperate with Us and help Us finding the best tools for Our wood works.

We provide everything for Networking and to set Up any Social Media Channel. Our Showroom is also a common workplace, endowed with professional  video making equipment and the best Woodworking Machines and Tools.

The MUSHULIN Team & Members

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