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If you need to remove a lot of steel to create a desired shape on a new tool, this Bench Grinder Mounting Set BGM-100 enables you to use the Tormek woodturning jigs also on your bench grinder.

No matter which grinding machine you use, the most difficult part in sharpening woodturning tools is to exactly replicate the shape and the edge angle.

With the BGM-100 you can now use the following Tormek jigs on your bench grinder: the Gouge Jig SVD-186, the Multi Jig SVS-50, the Tool Rest SVD-110 and last but not least the Turning Tool Setter TTS-100.

What does the BGM-100 package include?

The package includes a height adjustable block, hardware, a Universal Support, a Horizontal Base, feet for the base you will build and comprehensive instructions. Mount the set on either side of the grinder.

Why introduce Tormek jigs also for bench grinders?

We believe that the water cooled Tormek system is superior in sharpening virtually every edge tool in your workshop. However, there is no secret that when it comes to woodturning tools and you need to remove a lot of steel, the initial shaping can be done faster on a bench grinder. We know that many woodturners have access to a bench grinder and use it for the first rough shaping.

If you have a Tormek sharpening machine

With the BGM-100 you can use the same precise Tormek jigs through the whole sharpening process. There is no longer trial and error in getting the right shape on the bench grinder. Thanks to the TTS-100 setter, you can benefit from the fast steel removal on the bench grinder – and with the settings unchanged – move the tool to the Tormek water cooled grindstone and the leather honing wheel for the final sharpening and finish. 

If you do not have a Tormek sharpening machine

If you do not yet have a Tormek machine, you can still benefit from the precise Tormek jig system to get the desired shape and edge angle on your bench grinder. The principle for setting the shape and edge angle is the same regardless of which machine you use. If you later choose to add a Tormek to your workshop, you will already have the jigs you need for your turning tools.

Tormek BGM-100 BenchGrinder Mounting Set

SKU: TormekBGM100
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