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We are the KNEW Concepts Authorized Distributor Partner in Taiwan

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KNEW Concepts

Knew Concepts began 10 years ago when Lee Marshall, the inventor of a line of small hydraulic presses for the art jewelry world (Bonny Doon Engineering) decided to retire.

That lasted about a week, then Lee was back in the workshop, taking the first serious new look at improving the centuries old design of jeweler’s saws. (or fret saws: they’re the same thing.)

At this beginning point, Brian Meek signed on with his old friend Lee for a few weeks to help out while job hunting. Brian designed some of our most distinctive products like the titanium Birdcage saws and the coping saws. The first production models rolled out of the Santa Cruz shop in early 2009, and it’s been a non-stop rollercoaster ride ever since. It truly has been a case of “building the better mousetrap”. Brian remained with Knew Concepts helping Lee create excellent US made products and eventually purchased the company after Lee passed away in June of 2017.

Over the years, our patented saws have won a number of innovation awards, and just recently our titanium birdcage saw was featured in a paper by a Cambridge University researcher on innovative design.

Knew Concepts is a small American manufacturing company, committed to bringing our passion for quality tools to customers, and to building the best tools we know how to make.

MUSHULIN Ltd.  is the official distributor partner in Taiwan for KNEW Concepts products and service.

phone number:   02 - 2673 - 3412


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