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We are the Morakniv Authorized Distributor Partner in Taiwan

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A Morakniv is always made in Mora, in the factory in the village of Östnor, where it’s been located for centuries. Morakniv has complete control over the entire production, as they carry out each step of the process. Making extremely good knives is a complicated process. During the last 130 years, Morakniv has learned a great deal about how to get the best possible results.

Every step in the process, from the start in the pressing hall to the finishing line in dispatch, has a unique role. 

The steel is treated to make it harder, tougher and increase edge resiliency. Morakniv uses two different hardening furnaces: one for stainless steel and one for carbon steel. The actual hardening process is a company secret, as that’s the factor which gives Moraknives the steel’s unique qualities – such as sharpness, strength and flexibility.

MUSHULIN Ltd.  is the official distributor partner in Taiwan for Morakniv products and service.

phone number:   02 - 2673 - 3412


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