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Serving both as a large fixed ninety degree reference and an adjustable bevel square, our AS-24v3 is one of the most versatile bench layout tools you will ever own.


The AS-24v3 is an accurate and versatile bench layout tool that serves as both a large fixed 90° reference and an adjustable bevel square. The AS-24v3 achieves this with a split, anodized aluminum head: one head is fixed to the 24” (610mm) blade at 90° and the other head pivots- allowing you to set the blade at any angle your project requires. The square features Metric graduations which are laser etched on one edge only. The other edge is blank and is useful for storyboard markings with a pencil which are easy to wipe clean. The hardened stainless steel blade is bead-blasted and passivated which are post fabrication processes that provide superior resistance to corrosion and a non-glare matte finish. It has an easy to use locking mechanism using a cam lever for a solid, reliable hold.


Anodized aluminum split head for a fixed 90° reference and adjustable bevel angles. The 90° head is accurate to .005° along the length of the blade. Hardened stainless steel blade that allows you to use marking knives with less risk of damage to the edge. The blade's accuracy is .001" (.02mm) per 7.8" (200mm) of length. Passivated and bead-blasted to resist corrosion and provide a non-glare finish that can be marked with a pencil and easily wiped clean. Graduations along one edge. Easy-to-use cam locking mechanism for reliable positioning of the bevel angle.


26” L x 11-1/4” W

Bridge City AS-24 v3 Adjustable Square

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