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The KM-1 Kerfmaker simplifies the process of making very accurately sized dados, grooves, and/or half lap joints.

Parts are milled from solid aircraft grade aluminum and anodized for durability. Only two moving parts which allow for simple and precise calibrating to the kerf and the work piece. Fool proof and accurate way to make tight fitting grooves. Works on Table saws, router tables, chop saws and radial saws. Maximum groove width is ½” (50 mm)


There are often times when your dados, half laps and other joints joints may not only be visible but they will also be an integral element adding to the final design aesthetics. In this case, the joints must not only be perfect but you need to be able to do them efficiently. This is especially true if you are earning your living creating fine workpieces. The KM-1 Kerfmaker can help you to achieve both of those goals. The KM-1 is basically a highly accurate flip stop which you can simply calibrate to the kerf of the blade (or dado set or router bit!) and the width of the piece being fitted into the groove. You easily set the KM-1 for a slip fit or a friction fit by how tightly you set the work piece calibration. (A simple test is to flip over the workpiece with the KM-1 clamped on and if it stays in place it will be a tight fit. If it slips off, it will be a slip fit.) The KM-1 will work on table saws, router tables, chop saws, radial saws, and the Jointmaker Pro. You only need to use the KM-1 once to understand its logic and be able to apply it in many different situations. Watch the short video linked above to see how the KM-1 is set up and used. This small tool is milled from solid aircraft grade aluminum and anodized for durability and an attractive appearance. It will provide years of service in your shop.



Bridge City KM-1 Kerfmaker

SKU: 6000101
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